Explaining Trump Supporters

I understand why 2016 voters might not have liked Hillary Clinton. I thought she was about the worst possible candidate the Democrats could have put up. The fact that a know-nothing blowhard like Donald Trump beat her supports that view.

I also understand why many voters would give up on both parties and vote for an outsider pretending to be a populist. For decades, leaders of both parties have abandoned average Americans for the alluring rot of neoliberalism. Obama promised change, but he under-delivered and misdirected.

We might be able to identify four groups of Trump voters. There might be others, and there are certainly overlaps, but consider these four:

  1. Some voters opted for Trump because, given the longstanding bipartisan abandonment in evidence, what did they have to lose?
  2. Some voted for him because they believed him when he said everything they wanted to hear, despite a lifetime of evidence that it was mostly lip service.
  3. Others voted for Trump because they agree with his racist mindset and other prejudices.
  4. Still others voted for him because they knew they would benefit from the ensuing corruption.

That was then. This is now.

After nearly four years of the Trump presidency, groups 3 and 4 must be ecstatic, but the others? By now, it should be painfully obvious to group 1 that they had a lot to lose, and they’re losing it still. By now, group 2 should have figured out that Trump says a lot of stuff that he doesn’t mean or can’t remember from one tweet to the next. Know-nothing blowhards are like that.

The fact that groups 1 and 2 would still support Trump at this point is baffling. Which leads me to this Twitter thread summarized below. Read the thread to the very end.

Q: Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?

A: Other explanations are less flattering.


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