Think you’re smarter than a phone scammer?

I know people who avoid doing shopping, banking and other financial activities on-line because they don’t think it’s safe. If only it was that simple. While it is true that any on-line account can potentially be compromised, there is also a security benefit to creating certain accounts: If you don’t create an account at your bank’s

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On Socialism

  There are myriad definitions and variations of socialism. If you don’t believe me, check out the term’s Wikipedia page. Things that have been called socialist: publicly owned lands, such as state and national parks [1] eminent domain [1][2] Social Security [1][3] the New Deal [1][5] public housing [1] the civil rights movement [1] bank

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The FT on MMT

For the Kansas City Chiefs, a 14-point deficit at half-time is a problem. But that means their opponent has a 14-point surplus. Is that a problem for them? Of course not. The “federal debt” is the private sector’s savings. Personally, I’m happy to have some of those savings. How about you? Read more in this Financial

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Computershare con job

Computershare is a financial services company that provides stock transfer services to various companies. It was founded in Australia in 1978 and currently operates in many other countries, including the U.S. If you own stock in companies that use Computershare, your 1099-DIVs display their name. One of Computershare’s corporate clients is Brighthouse Financial (BHF). Brighthouse

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Piketty on Sanders

Thomas Piketty thinks a Bernie Sanders’ Presidency would be good for the U.S. economy. That shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who spends any time actually thinking about it. Because of inequality in this country, a lot of wealth is tied up in stocks and bonds, where it does nothing to stimulate the economy. Now consider if some of

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America – land of the predatory monopolies

Will Hutton of The Guardian writes about the diverging directions of the American and European economies, and he attributes it to our broken campaign finance system: Both at federal and state level ever higher campaign donations are correlated with ever fewer actions against monopoly, price fixing and bad corporate behaviour. The results should be familiar

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