Do the McCains really support our troops?

A pair of interesting articles over at Huffington Post.

First, read how hypocrite Cindy McCain offends some military spouses with her attacks on Barack Obama.

Should the RIAA hold a cabinet-level seat in the White House?

From this morning:

President Bush on Monday signed into law an [RIAA-backed] intellectual-property enforcement bill that would consolidate federal efforts to combat copyright infringement under a new White House cabinet position.

Vote for Obama

Eight years ago, I wanted to elect John McCain President.

Now, I no longer recognize the guy. He has folded on virtually every principle he ever claimed to hold. He has enthusiastically embraced the same kind of negative attacks that destroyed his own 2000 campaign. And his vaunted experience has not stopped him from appearing totally clueless and self-serving during the past few months of the campaign.

I'm voting for Obama.

Dear Cindy McCain

Dear Cindy,

You recently criticized Senator Barack Obama for once voting against funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. You said that his "vote to not fund my son when he was serving sent a cold chill through my body."

Why haven't you criticized your own husband, Senator John McCain, for voting similarly two months before Obama did?

The Great Debate

See if you know which candidate for President made which of the following statements:

  1. On Iraq:
    1. "The success [in Iraq] will be fairly easy. ... I believe that we can win an overwhelming victory in a very short period of time."


In my previous post, I mentioned Project Vote Smart. Another useful site for voters is Glassbooth. Glassbooth lets you compare the presidential candidates against your views on those issues most important to you. Check it out!

Project Vote Smart

James Madison wrote "A people that mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge brings." For those voters who want more and better information than what can be gleaned from TV commercials, check out Project Vote Smart ( or 1-888-VOTE-SMART). Vote Smart provides a wealth of unbiased information about federal and state political candidates. The service is free.

Experience? Good or bad?

One of Hillary Clinton's mantras during her primary campaign against Barack Obama was her claim of being more experienced in governing. If that claim is worth anything, then why was her campaign so dysfunctional as compared to his?

Many others are offering their analyses of "What went wrong," but I'll mention a few obvious ones:

    His lips are moving...

    On tonight's NBC nightly news, Richard Engel asked President Bush about the impact of requiring extra tours of duty from our soldiers. Bush answered by stating that those soldiers volunteered for those extra tours.

    Later in the show, Jim Miklasewski reported on the large number of soldiers who have been forced to delay their exits from military service by stop-loss orders, which force them to stay for additional tours after they should have been done with their service. At least 58,000 men and women have had their military careers extended by stop-loss orders.


    Avoid Boscov's Department Stores

    Boscov's Department Stores use opt-out instead of opt-in for their e-mail advertising. A few days ago, I received a message from them at a temporary throw-away e-mail address. The message read, in part:

    DEAR VALUED BOSCOV'S CUSTOMER: would like to send you periodic e-mails filled with valuable promotions.

    In the future, we would like to send you information and offers that we know our customers find valuable.


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