Too late for healthcare reform?

If you care about healthcare reform, you must read Matt Taibbi's article in Rolling Stone. He neatly encapsulates everything Washington is doing to screw up reform and shows how whatever bill eventually passes into law will end up making things even worse. It's a depressing article but you need to read it.

If you care about healthcare reform, that is. Defenders of the status quo, including Republicans and many Democrats, will be more than thrilled with where we're headed. Many of the rest of us, though, are in for some painful and difficult years ahead.

Call or write every elected politician you can think of and tell them that a public option is the only thing that might save the current healthcare reform efforts from disaster.

More news on the subject:

  • According to a study at Harvard Medical School, 45,000 Americans die each year because they lack insurance and cannot get good health care.
  • Opponents of reform like to use Medicare and Medicaid as arguments that doctors are underpaid by such government-run programs. However, a recent poll shows that 73 percent of doctors support a government insurance plan, whether by itself (single-payer) or in conjunction with private plans.
  • Dick Armey, the Tea Party Organizer of the recent march on Washington and a long-time opponent of healthcare reform, has been receiving taxpayer-subsidized government-run healthcare for virtually his entire adult life, and he'll likely have it until the day he dies.
  • Dr. Andrew Weil writes about how the healthcare reform debate is addressing the wrong issue and how some doctors and lawyers contribute to the high cost of healthcare.
  • Paul Krugman explains how government involvement is the only reason our current healthcare system, as bad as it is, works at all.
  • Bob Cesca nails the idiocy of opposition to a public option.