Too late for healthcare reform?

  • Opponents of reform like to use Medicare and Medicaid as arguments that doctors are underpaid by such government-run programs. However, a recent poll shows that 73 percent of doctors support a government insurance plan, whether by itself (single-payer) or in conjunction with private plans.
  • Dick Armey, the Tea Party Organizer of the recent march on Washington and a long-time opponent of healthcare reform, has been receiving taxpayer-subsidized government-run healthcare for virtually his entire adult life, and he'll likely have it until the day he dies.
  • Dr. Andrew Weil writes about how the healthcare reform debate is addressing the wrong issue.
  • Paul Krugman explains how government involvement is the only reason our current healthcare system, as bad as it is, works at all.
  • Bob Cesca nails the idiocy of opposition to a public option.