What do I want for Christmas? World peace and prosperity for everyone. Okay, that might unrealistic, but every small act of kindness helps. Since I don't really need anything all that much, I wouldn't mind if instead you simply made a contribution to a charitable organization. Not all so-called "charities" are as philanthropic as they would have us believe. That's why I support organizations that are well-rated by Charity Navigator; I urge you to do the same. Here are a few good ones:Or donate a few items to your local food pantry. Check out Inspired Gifts for a truly inspired gift idea!If you really must give me something, I'm always looking for more time, less clutter and better health. And if those hints don't help, might I suggest the following possibilities:
  • ratcheting wrench set that goes up to at least 3/4-inch (example)
  • another Tavern Puzzle for my collection. I have a nifty display rack for them in the form of a hanging planter my Dad made from an old metal tractor seat. The puzzles I already have are, from easiest to most difficult:
    • Group 1: 
    • Group 2: Black Jack, Painted Lady
    • Group 3: Lyon's Loop, Tinker's Bell
    • Group 4: Blackbeard's Revenge, Dirty Dog
    • Group 5: Big Kahuna, Odd Ball, U-Turn
    • Group 6: Big Shot, Doozie, Tri Again
    • Group 7: Long Island Catch, Matched Set
    • Group 8: Freedom's Ring, Patience Puzzle, Sneaky Pete
  • Newhart on DVD (already have Seasons 1 and 2). The Bob Newhart Show (already have Season 2) is good, too, but I prefer the former.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus DVDs
  • Van Morrison's Wavelength CD (unless you can find it in digital format)
  • Amazon gift card
  • Ken Burns' Jazz DVD boxed set
  • I can always make good use of a gift certificate from a good restaurant, and it doesn't take up much space, either -- except, perhaps, after I've used it. I really enjoy some of our local restaurants, like Michael's and The Lotus Garden.