The organizations listed below are some that I actively support. I sometimes disagree with them on one issue or another, but, on balance, I consider their causes well worth fighting for. Please consider supporting them.


Common Cause
A $10,000 campaign donation is virtually indistinguishable from a $10,000 bribe. Until we stop the flood of special interest money that is corrupting the political process, we will never have an honest debate of the critical issues facing our country. Please support this essential organization!
Center for Public Integrity
The Center digs to expose the lack of integrity among our elected "public servants". Help reform your representatives today.
Project Vote Smart
If you want to know what your elected representatives have been doing, now you can find out. I highly recommend this organization!
Practically every political advertisement distorts and misleads. If you use them to decide how to vote, you need professional help. FactCheck exposes the lies — and the occasional truth.

American Civil Liberties Union
If you think the ACLU is a liberal organization, why does it defend people like Oliver North and members of the Ku Klux Klan? The Bill of Rights applies to all Americans, regardless of the popularity of their views. Do you really want to leave your freedoms up to a popular vote?
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,..." The purpose of the establishment clause of the First Amendment is not to protect the religion of the majority. On the contrary, it is to protect the religions of all citizens from any majority.
Amnesty International
AI works to free non-violent prisoners of conscience, abolish torture, and end extrajudicial executions and "disappearances." Even if you are not a member, you can help save a life by simply writing a letter.
Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
The First Amendment applies to cyberspace, too.
People For the American Way
The American Way respects differences and civil liberties. Do you?