There are many Tom Olins in the world, but I'm not any of the other ones. In some cases, I'd like to be but have not been able to find a practical and effective way to make it so. So, just to make it clear, here are some of the Tom Olins I am not:
  • Tom Olin, the photographer, advocate for the disabled
  • Tom Olin, formerly of Archway Cookies (although I used to eat a lot of his products)
  • Tom Olin of Yakima, WA (although I've met him on a couple occasions)
If you're a Tom Olin whom I'm not, feel free to drop me a note and I'll add you to this list. Please be sure to spell your name correctly!Are we related? Among other things, I am the Genealogist for the Olin Family Society. I use and highly recommend the top-rated genealogy program Reunion.You might not agree with me on all the issues, but please check out my Advocacy page.In case you want to get me something for Christmas, check out my Christmas list