I'm not *that* Tom Olin!

There are many Tom Olins in the world, but I'm not any of the other ones. In some cases, I'd like to be but have not been able to find a practical and effective way to make it so. So, just to make it clear, here are some of the Tom Olins I am not:

  • Tom Olin, the photographer, advocate for the disabled
  • Tom Olin, formerly of Archway Cookies (although I used to eat a lot of his products)
  • Tom Olin of Yakima, WA (although I've met him on a couple occasions)

Time Warner Customer Service: the worst ever?

Lucky me! I had the opportunity to deal with Time Warner Cable's customer service today. I feel lucky to be off the phone already.

Simple problem: A billing notification was sent to an elderly relative's old e-mail address instead of the current one. So I figured I would fix the problem.

Yeah, right.

1. I started with their online chat option. Explained the problem, but "Milly" didn't seem to be getting anywhere, so I gave up after 20 minutes or so.

2. I called the local service number. Explained the problem again. Woman says, that's a national problem, let me transfer you.

American Violet

I highly recommend the movie American Violet. It vividly portrays much of what's wrong with the American justice system. You should watch it.

Thanks for the Election!

With the election over, I want to thank all the politicians, their parties, and their backers for all they've done. To all of you, thank you ...

... for all the vacuous promises, wild distortions and gross oversimplifications. They gave us a good idea of what to expect from you if you won.

... for the barrage of mailings full of vacuous promises, etc. We probably didn't need all those trees anyway. Besides, the flyers can be recycled into bathroom products, which is incredibly fitting.

On 9/11

The next time someone says the 9/11 families are offended by the Park51 project (the so-called "Ground Zero mosque"), please have them read this article by the widow of one of the 9/11 victims.


Frank Rich of the New York Times clearly describes the idiocy of those protesting the proposed mosque in New York City. Justin Elliott describes how the idiocy began.

The Anti-Stimulus

Read how states' deficit struggles are smothering chances for a robust economic recovery. Note the conservative economist, Bruce Bartlett, who agrees that we need more stimulus right now.

And read how we're at risk of a double-dip recession because of deficit fears.

We call this reform?

Andy Borowitz pretty much accurately describes what's left of the health care reform bill.

In his typically colorful fashion, Bob Cesca argues why what's left is still (barely) worth keeping.

Too late for healthcare reform?

If you care about healthcare reform, you must read Matt Taibbi's article in Rolling Stone. He neatly encapsulates everything Washington is doing to screw up reform and shows how whatever bill eventually passes into law will end up making things even worse. It's a depressing article but you need to read it.

You call that leadership?

I like a good, healthy debate as much as anyone, but much of what's been passing for debate on healthcare reform is anything but good and healthy. Two news reports on my drive to work this morning caught my attention.


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